Borescope Inspections


HPI uses the latest in Olympus borescope equipment with 24-foot leads to provide:

Video and photo recordsFull borescope report with recommendationsMeasurements of the depth or surface area of damageExaminations to uncover cracking of vanes, tip rubs, loss of coating, and impact damageEvaluation and inspection of the system, from mechanical drive to the driven load
By performing non-destructive testing, HPI can provide cost benefits by determining and recommending critical repairs and replacement on an as-needed basis. HPI’s preventative maintenance program can include the following to increase the unit’s reliability and efficiency:

Vibration monitoringSound monitoringBorescope of internal componentsEvaluation and cleaning of oil supplyEvaluation and inspection of the system, from mechanical drive to the driven loadReliability-centered maintenance
Benefits of Borescope Services by HPI
HPI has experienced turbine specialists who not only provide non-destructive services, but also inspect, overhaul, and install turbomachinery systems. HPI has a deep knowledge of how engines operate and the real-world implications of component degradation and system maintenance.

Experience in finding visual performance cluesEvaluation of overall unit healthImproved star reliabilityPlanned predictive maintenance servicesWide range of onsite gas turbine operation and training programsTechnical field directionFull range of turbine services, including installation, relocation, removal, controls tuning, and custom control system retrofits

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